North Mississippi Emmaus Community

Upcoming: Women's Walk #339 on September 5, 2019!

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Our Mission

Developing Christian leaders.

We invite Christians who are active members of local churches to come to the three day weekend. While on their walk, they are challenged to take on the disciplines of piety, study, and Christian action for the rest of their lives.

Strengthening local congregations.

We want pilgrims to return to their local churches and continue to offer themselves in service to God through their congregations. They take back their understanding of a life marked by piety, study, and Christian action. They bring home a renewed energy for loving God and neighbor. They bring back a revitalized desire to offer sacrificial love within the church.

Christianizing the environment.

We want the pilgrims to return to their homes, places of work, school, neighborhoods, and be faithful witnesses to the grace of Jesus Christ. It is our hope and vision that their witness will make a difference in their world, that their lives will be marked by honesty and integrity, and that the light of Christ will shine through their words and deeds.